Period Positive Profile Pic

When I made the switch to reusable cloth pads years ago, one of my concerns was that the products would be harder to conceal.  But life has a way of flipping things on their head.  We have a lot to learn from future events that turn out to be the complete opposite of our expectations.  Cloth pads ended up practically everywhere in our house, from being scattered about my sewing room in various stages of completion, to making their way into the laundry pile, and just hanging out in the closet, cool-like.  They became a ubiquitous, commonplace thing – the period became a commonplace thing.  It makes me a little sad when I compare that to the message that I (and so many others) learned, growing up – that we ought to be discreet about menstruation, hide its evidence, and conceal its paraphernalia – that the period is shameful.

We want our girls to be self-confident, to dream of achievements that weren’t even possible for women throughout most of history, to develop an intolerance towards abuse, and to have self-respect.  How will this happen when the period remains one of the most powerful lessons in girls’ lives that they need to conceal who they are, that they are less?  The message is in every advertisement that appeals to the basic emotion of shame and every person that makes demeaning comments about PMS.  So, in the spirit of normalizing menstruation, I’ve created these period positive images that can be displayed as profile pictures.  Imagine the impact if images like this were commonplace on social media.  It would be kind of like the beautiful handmade cloth pads that hang out around my house – no big deal anymore!

Feel free to copy, use, and share any of the profile images on this page.  However, the images may not be used for sale or print.



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