The Why’s of RUMP’s (Re-usable Menstrual Pads)

How do I love handmade RUMPs? Let me count the ways…

1. Good for mother earth.  Less waste.

2. Good for your pocketbook.  Buy once, use many times!

3. Good for your health.  RUMPs aren’t produced with the same irritating and health compromising industrial toxins, as disposable menstrual products.

4. Good for your cycle.  Many people report a shortened cycle with the use of RUMPs.

5. Good for the economy.  Buy handmade RUMPs, help support an individual or family.  That money gets put back into the community.  Buying power!

6. Good for our collective value and appreciation of femininity.  Our monthly cycle is not obscured or taboo – it is evident in our home, and our necessary supplies are cherished.

7. Good for our daughters.  A new generation, learning to think and feel positively about their femininity or yin chi.

8. Good looking.  Beautiful creations that are fun to collect!

9. Good feeling.  Luxurious, fluffy, soft, flexible, breathable.

10. Good on you!

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